Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Whole New Mind (continued)

  This book has absorbed my thoughts for the last few days and I think I have mentioned it to nearly everyone that I have had contact with.  Perhaps I have been obnoxious.  So now let me bore you!
  The brain fascinates me and the importance of the right brain for the future is worth considering.
Because we have abundance that has not created happiness, because many products are outsourced, and because automation is causing changes in white collar jobs, it does appear that a shift is imminent.

These are the right-brained activities that Daniel Pink feels will be important:
1.) design- we will want articles that are beautiful, whimsical and emotionally engaging, not just cheap.
2.) story - everybody has access to facts.  We need them put into context, with an emotional impact- in medicine, law, etc.
3.) symphony- we need to see the big picture in all aspects
4.) empathy- relationships and ability to empathize
5.) play- improves health issues, school grades, workforce competence
6.) meaning-  people are looking for purpose and meaning in their lives.

He ends with quotes from Viktor Frankl's book "Man's Search for Meaning".
"I understand how a man who has nothing left in the world still may know bliss, be it only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved".
  The focus on left- brain activities has not brought happiness and this author talks a lot about "What makes happiness"?
What could be more interesting?

Some surprises for me:
- I had just seen Oprah's interview with the author last week, so I thought this book was new.  But it is nine years old!  In fact, Daniel has written four books since then.
- the author sees importance in video games.  "Video games can sharpen many of the skills that are vital in the Conceptual Age".  He even quotes a study that shows that doctors make 37 % fewer mistakes if they spend some time playing video games.  Say what???
  He quotes many studies and gives internet sites for references.  Also he has lots of suggestions for developing your right brain.  One suggestion for design is to notice the design of everything around you.

  Here is the BIG surprise.  The design of the book cover!  The head is cut out on the cover so that the next page can show through.  But in a very short time, rips occur in the cover.  The library copy has a taped up cover.  When I went to buy a copy at Chapters, only one copy was sellable.  The others were torn.  Bad design!!!
  But still thought- provoking ideas. And I will continue to chatter on......

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