Sunday, 15 March 2015

Canada Reads- part 5

"Books that can change perspectives, challenge stereotypes and illuminate issues"

Three old guys in the woods!  Growing marijuana and living the 'free life'.
Perhaps old age is the stereotype that is being challenged here. 
And bringing an 82-year-old woman into the mix adds spice- well, it adds a spark of love.
  I feel that I should love this idea, but I don't. I find nothing appealing about elderly people living in isolation in the woods- no medical attention if you fall or have a heart attack.  Only strychnine when things go bad.
  I think I would have enjoyed this novel if I wasn't looking for something spectacular for Canada Reads.  It could have been just an interesting short novel.  The woman who arrived had lived in an institution for 66 years, so it did interest me to see how a little love and attention was healing for her spirit.  Is that where we are challenged?  Illuminating the issue of mental health?
  There was another story line that I found appealing.  A photographer was searching for survivors of the Great Mathison Fire of 1916.  This involved her in the lives of those living in the hideaway in the woods, and led to an interesting art collaboration.
  The writing style didn't thrill me, because of the changes in the narrators.

My opinion:
An okay read, but it didn't change any perspectives, challenge any stereotypes, or illuminate any issues.

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