Monday, 16 February 2015

Journals for the grandchildren

I must mention the memory books for my grandchildren.
I have made individual books for each of ten grandchildren. 
They contain stories and photos significant for that child.
I have kept notes of outings, crafts and interesting interactions with each of the children (who are mostly now adults).  This is Kaitlyn's book and this page talks about her first piano lesson. She wanted to come over and show us what she had learned.  So we had a 'concert'- just the first in many 'musical moments' with Kaitlyn.

Then there is this "Book of Cousins".  I gave all the grandchildren a copy to show the fun that they have had with their cousins.  This journal is completely photos.  I have told all the stories in their individual books.
book of cousins

Happy Family Day!

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