Monday, 22 December 2014

Yesterday I read a book.  Not a novel, but a musical score that was written in 1741 by George Frederic Handel.
I had been taking advantage of every musical concert that I could attend this Christmas season.  My daughter discovered this opportunity:

Messiah Sing-A-Long offers a shorter version of Handel’s popular oratorio and provides opportunities for singers of all ages and talents to sing along with the 
choir which will be seated amongst the audience.

We arrived just in time to be handed a book of music and given the last seats in the front section of a large, packed church, where the visitors were seated with the choir.  I was in shock as the music started. I opened the book and tried to find my line of music.  As the orchestra began playing, I felt like I had been dropped into a rabbit hole and was in another universe. "Betty in Wonderland".  I had not yet adjusted to the cathedral-like atmosphere, decorated beautifully for Christmas.  I had never seen this music.  What was I doing here????
Thankfully, there were two arias before we needed to start singing.  I thought I was familiar with some of the music, but WOW!  The first chorus number was "And the glory of the Lord".  I was swept away by all the beautiful voices around me.  I kept my eye on the members of the chamber choir that were sitting in front of me.  I may have squeaked out a note or two because that is a very familiar piece, but further chorus pieces were unfamiliar and hard to follow.  Since the church was full and the voices were loud and the orchestra was amazing, I could just stand in awe whenever I was swept away.
I waffled between complete amazement and disbelief.  I almost laughed at the absurdity of the situation!  One of the soloists added a dramatic flair as he sang his aria and I could hardly keep from giggling.  This was bizarre! 
Two and a half hours later, I was excited as we approached "The Hallelujah Chorus".  And then, I really knew I was in another universe!  The trumpets started as well as the drums!   I was swept away by all the spectacular sounds, but determined to be a part of that amazing piece of music!  I know I sang "King of Kings and Lord of Lords", but the rest of the time I was out of my body.  Amazing!

                                     Merry Christmas!

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