Thursday, 22 May 2014

World Book Day

World Book Day was organized by UNESCO in 1995 to promote reading and publishing.  It began on April 23, 1995 and is celebrated every year on April 23.

Since I had written a series on "Why I Love to read", I was interested in this information, put out by the National Reading Campaign.

On the right is an 'infographic'.  It tells us that "Readers Save the World!"
"Reading is good for you! On average readers have better physical health, empathy and mental health."  Wow!
"Reading for as little as 6 minutes can reduce stress by 60%, slow heart beat, ease muscle tension and alter your state of mind!"  Wow!
I didn't include these reasons for reading in my series.


I was fascinated to see how Moose Jaw responded to world Book Day. They were declared
 Reading Town Canada.
Many, many activities were planned over the week of May 3-10 this year.  The students were doing a reading flash mob at City Hall.  That sounds fun!
Heres' another activity:
Blind Date with a Canadian Book: Didn’t your mother tell you not to judge a book by its cover? Moose Javians (that’s actually what they call themselves!) who stop into the popular cafe 23 Main Street can pick up a book wrapped in plain paper. On the house! There will be some hints about the book’s content written on the paper, but it will otherwise be a completely blind date with a Canadian book.

But my favourite:

Ceremonial Walk & Read

Robert Sawyer's short story, "The Stanley Cup Caper" was posted on the windows throughout the town. The mayor led a ceremonial walk along the main street to begin the special week.

Moose Jaw is a great town with 47 fascinating murals painted on the buildings.  I would love to have been there for World Book Week and see Robert Sawyer's words posted throughout the town.

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