Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What is Louise reading?

Louise's porch

the view from Louise's home

Louise lived in this gorgeous city of Nelson, British Columbia.
Terri and I were fortunate to visit there in 2011 for the Kootenay Book Festival.
It was a weekend of discussions on 5 predetermined books.
The Slap
The Help
Mao's last Dance
All Over Creation
The Year of Meats

But there was also lots of exciting sightseeing.
We had never met Louise before we arrived in Nelson,
but she decided to give these Ontario girls a 'whirl'
of the area.  She showed us the countryside and we just loved Louise!

Now, Louise is living in a retirement home in
Victoria.  She is still an avid reader.
As we are buried in snow, I was thinking of
Louise on the mild west coast.
Thanks to e-mail, we can keep in touch.  She let me know that the retirement home has experienced an outbreak of the flu and even when they were well again, they were asked to stay in their rooms with meals delivered to them.  So, Louise had lots of time to read.  And I was surprised at her choice of books.
She read "The Hunger Games" - all three books!
And they kept her engrossed!
Then she re-read "The Glass Castle" and "Half Broke Horses".  She reports that the weather has not been bad.  There has been a lot of rain and the cherry trees are in bloom.

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