Thursday, 27 February 2014

In-Laws from Hell

 "The Orchard" by Theresa Weir
   I really enjoyed reading this memoir, written by Theresa Weir, who also writes under the pen name Anne Frasier.  Although Theresa had been writing for 20 years, her publisher would not publish her memoir and so, she put the manuscript away.  Eventually she found another publisher and it is a lovely story.  I especially like this cover.  It emphasizes the love story, but the orchard is so important.  You may not be able to see the swirl of design around the title and central picture. Perhaps it represents the chemicals, which are most important to the plot.  The chemicals represented the dream of a perfect orchard with the perfect apple.  But the cost...
The Orchard

  Adrian’s parents, particularly his mother Ruth, vehemently opposed the marriage, and constantly tried to sabotage it by trying to maintain control over Adrian and by disparaging Theresa. Adrian was always caught in the middle.  He had always known his responsibility to continue the family farm, but he loved Theresa and wanted to please her.  He could not do both.  The ending is very poignant.

"The Little House" by Philippa Gregory

  When I told my friend Christina that I was writing a blog on 'the in-laws from hell', she suggested that I read "The Little House" by Philippa Gregory.  So I did.
  As I'm reading along, I'm thinking, "What is Christina thinking? These in-laws are so helpful and wonderful". After finishing the book, I'm still not sure if the in-laws were evil or not. Were Ruth's in-laws just trying to do the best thing for Ruth and her husband?  Or was there a sinister aspect?  
The Little House

  Well, I have just read that this book is considered a psychological thriller.  I didn't know that while I was reading and I am not familiar with this style of writing.  I just took it at face value.
  But the in-laws were controlling in a very covert manner.  I was more upset with the husband who lived and breathed the opinions of his parents.  In questioning the sanity of Ruth, after she had a baby, they pushed her to the limit.  There is a feeling of suspense all through the novel and it has a most surprising, even shocking, ending.  
  I was aware that the author was using adjectives to set your nerves on edge.  And there was an unreal aspect to the story.
  So I guess this is a psychological thriller- the first that I have read.  And the lovely, helpful, thoughtful, considerate in-laws were pushing Ruth over the edge.  But were they evil? 

Well, here is a factual memoir and a psychological thriller about in-laws.

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