Friday, 31 January 2014

angst about fathers

   After the angst of "The Dinner", I was delighted to read about a good father.The delightful Leo Buscaglia has written about his father.
   Leo Buscaglia was a university professor known for his courses on love.  This is a lovely, short story about his father, who was the son of a poor farmer and went to work in a factory while in grade five.  The world became his school.  Since he was unable to get an education, he was determined that his children would be educated.  He insisted that every day each child learn one new thing.  When dinner was over, Papa pushed back his chair and asked what each child had learned that day.
"By looking at us, listening to us, hearing us, respecting our opinions, affirming our value, giving us a sense of dignity, he was unquestionably our most influential teacher".

   Of course, this book feeds into my angst about who gets a good father and who doesn't!


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