Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Ideal Bookshelf

by Jane Mount and Thessaly LaForce

I was delighted to find this book in our local library.
Two women had asked well-know public figures
to fill in the titles that would be in their 'Ideal Bookshelf'.
Then the titles were painted on to the page.

The book did not live up to my expectations.
I only recognized a few of the public figures
and very few of the books.  Sadly missing
were authors such as; Dickens, Collins, Austen,
Tolstoy, Steinbeck.

The spines were painted and didn't look realistic.
The commentaries were not very interesting.
The authors had written that the books we
read can tell a lot about who we are.  But
I didn't feel that I got to know any of the

Now this is what I call an "Ideal Bookshelf".

And here is my 'Ideal Bookshelf'.

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