Tuesday, 20 June 2017

"Wild Stone Heart" by Sharon Butala

Sharon Butala
  I have mentioned meeting Sharon Butala and I discovered that she had written a new memoir since the passing of her husband.
  I put my name on the waiting list at the library and decided to read her earlier memoir while I was waiting for the recent book.
   It is the first time that I have read biographical material of someone that I have met.  It made the reading very different.  I was trying to connect what I was reading with how I perceived her.

   This book was written in 2000, about the early years of her marriage to a farmer who owned 13,000 acres of land in Southern Saskatchewan.  For twenty years, Sharon walked the fields, examining wildlife, grass, plants, rocks, just whatever she could discover.
  She thought she found a dinosaur bone, and she did find burial cairns.  She spent time researching the Indigenous people who had lived there in past years.  She felt very close to them and, when asked to speak she talked about the Amerindian because she had such a fascination and connection to their way of life.
  She had many experiences in the fields that she credited to the supernatural.

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