Monday, 8 May 2017

Letters to the Lost

   A bag of books found its way to our house and my husband picked this book out to read.
  He loves Kate Morton and this book reminded him of her writing.

   Jess took refuge in an abandoned house while escaping from an abusive boyfriend.  She found a box of letters and became interested in the love story behind those letters.
    The story moved between 2011 and 1942.  I would just get involved in one storyline and it would change.  I wanted to skip chapters to keep following one set of characters.  Eventually I got used to it, but didn't find the story riveting.
   There were bits and pieces of information dropped along the way, and they all fit together at the end.  I have read glowing reports of this books such as: "It is a beautifully woven tale of love and loss that breaks your heart and rebuilds it".  Perhaps I am too much of a realist, but I found it a little sappy and too difficult to put the pieces together.
  Also, the basis of the plot is an intruder reading personal love letters.  Add to that, the woman in the 1942 love story (that the letters were addressed to) was having an affair- her husband was a minister- not a good man, but the woman had to stay with him if she wanted to keep her baby.
  There were too many people intruding in other people's lives for me to enjoy this novel as much as others did.

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