Friday, 9 September 2016

"Light Between Oceans"- the movie

   I read this book in 2013, 2014, and 2015.  Three times!  Obviously, I loved it!  You can read my review here. You will notice that my review was done in 2013, when I had just begun my blog and it really was a video book blog.  That technology was not fun for me, so I settled for photos.

   The movie was in town and we were anxious to see the beautiful scenery of the Australian coast.  We realize that movies today are not made for seniors and expected some challenges with the sound.  But there were more than challenges!  
   Most of the story takes place on an island with the lighthouse keeper and his wife, who desperately wants a baby, but has three miscarriages.  For the first half of the movie, there were waves loudly  pounding the coast.  As well, there was a musical background. Sound overload!  We couldn't hear much of the dialogue. And the pounding of the waves made me crazy.  Was that on purpose?  Because the lighthouse keeper's wife really did lose her sanity. Perhaps I was meant to understand her loneliness and isolation.  I only experienced disappointment.

  The director was asked: What was it like working with actors on these raw emotional scenes, while everyone was wrestling with the environment?
  He answered: The weather helps. I mean, I don’t want to control the weather. I don’t want to control the actors either. I want to put them in a place where they can have an experience. If you live on this location, like we all did, and the wind is keeping you up at night, when you show up the next day you’re rattled. It emotionally, psychologically drives you crazy.

   Although there were some lovely panoramic scenes, mostly the videography was terrible.  And the sound was a problem even for our daughter with good hearing.
  One more time we were reminded that a movie can very seldom capture the details of the story that make it so compelling.  Maybe I should read that book one more time!

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