Friday, 1 July 2016

social moron

In 1998, I read "A Suitable Boy" by Vikram Seth.
This was the second book in my very first book club and it was long!  (1400 pages)  
The subject of the book was 'arranged marriages' in India.  I worked out how many pages I had to read each day to finish in time and it took priority.  I finished one hour before the meeting and I was the only one in the group that had finished.
I learned a lot about Indian culture and found the book interesting.
  Here's a wonderful quote from the book:
"I hate long books: the better, the worse.  If they're bad, they merely make me pant with the effort of holding them up for a few minutes.  But if they're good I turn into a social moron for days, refusing to go out of my room, scowling and growling at interruptions, ignoring weddings and funerals, and making enemies out of friends.  I still bear the scars of Middlemarch".

  I love this quote, but the funny thing about it is that the previous month, we had read "Middlemarch".  And "Middlemarch" is not nearly as long as "A Suitable Boy".  It is only 880 pages!
 I was reminded of this quote this week, because John is engrossed in Richard Wagamese's "Medicine Walk".  It is not a long book, but John has become somewhat of a 'social moron'.  When we are out, he can't wait to get home to continue the book.
  Isn't it wonderful when a book can connect to you in that way?  He says that the book 'resonates' with him.  It is about a father/son relationship and our son also enjoyed this author's writing.
Richard Wagamese

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