Monday, 14 March 2016

Rules for Writing

   I have been putting some thought into the idea of the rules of composition-  syntax, grammar, punctuation.
   I ranted about "Minister Without Portfolio" and constantly wondered why an author would choose that style of writing.  And further, why Canada Reads would choose such a novel as the best writing in Canada.
Abstract Art
   Then I thought about the visual arts.  And I realized that for all the rules in any discipline, there are those who desire to think outside of the box and break the 'norms'.
   There are rules of composition in the visual arts, but then there is abstract art. And many artists enjoy this form of expression, also.
   Reading is really about learning about yourself to some extent.  I probably already knew that I am generally not interested in innovation- especially when things are working well.
   And so, I really don't appreciate novels that are written in puzzle format where you have to put the plot together as you go, or figure out what this conglomeration of words is about.
Landscape Art
   I love Victorian literature and don't think it can be improved in any way, shape or form.  The introduction sets the who, what and where.  Then the plot carries you along, hopefully with a fascinating climax.
  But that is just me.  And the world is full of diverse thought.
   I still love Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen. 
   And landscape art!
The artist for this painting is my friend Christina Preece.  Love it!
In my angst about grammar, I forgot to mention who is supporting "Minister Without Portfolio".
Adam will be able to address the theme of Canada Reads this year- "starting over".  He was a professional wrestler (The Edge) until he retired in 2011.  He has been acting since then.

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  1. I just wanted to say that Canada Reads is not about the best book, it is the book that all of Canada should read. And the book that wins has the best talker! I do agree with you about "Minister Without Portfolio" - the title is intriguing but the writing was lacking. I was disappointed in the example you chose of Absract Art. There are so many variations and beautiful examples of Abstract and Impressionist art like Van Gogh's "Starry Night" or Monet's Water Lilies. And so many more. And I must admit - I too have Representational and Lanscape art in my home, but I prefer the other because it stirs my imagination and makes me think. Someone I know taught me that every piece of art starts with an IDEA!. I suppose every book starts the same way. Fascinating thought!