Friday, 27 November 2015


I had a really good opportunity to make use of my kobo while I was reading 
"The Count of Monte Cristo".
I admit that I still have mixed feelings.  
I often talk about covers.  I love a good cover!  And the tactile aspect of the actual book cannot be matched by a machine.

But I have to admit that it was much easier to read a long book on the e-reader.
And...of course, it is so much easier to carry to appointments or other places where you need to wait.  So easy to tuck in your purse.
But I would be bereft without that pile of books beside my chair.  Glancing at the pile gives me a wonderful feeling of anticipation- part of the 'joy of reading'.
Isn't it interesting to look at the covers and imagine what the book will contain?
I am anxious to get into "When Books Went to War".  It tells about how outraged the Americans were when the Nazis burned 100 million books during World War II.  And so, the American War Department joined the publishing industry in a program to print small, lightweight paperbacks suitable to be carried in pockets and rucksacks.  There are two lists in the back of this book.  One list contains titles of books that were banned by the Germans and the other is the titles of books that were specially printed for the American armed forces.

"Books are weapons in the war of ideas".

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