Friday, 27 September 2013

Ragged Company

Preston Library Book Club


   The purpose of story: "To light the fire of imagination so the things you didn't see could permeate you" (Richard Wagamese).
   Our fires were lit as we imagined Amelia One sky, Timber, Digger, Double Dick and even 'Square John' Granite.
   I felt that some of the situations were a 'real stretch'.  It almost seemed that the author was thinking, "What is the worst thing that could happen to an individual?" and he came up with those scenarios.  The back story of each character was heart-breaking.
    In fact, I even suggested that the story of 'Double Dick' should be eliminated.  I found his back story to be so extreme.  The book is about 'redemption' but Dick had no chance of redemption from the day he was born.
  The group convinced me that there was a purpose to the story of Double Dick.  And throughout the novel, there were snippets of conversation between Amelia and Double Dick, in the hereafter.  Perhaps this was to put his life on earth into perspective and confirm that every life has a purpose.

  I expressed wonder at the author giving his name to the character with the most horrendous back story.
  The author tells about being homeless himself.  Writing this book was his way of saying good-bye to that part of his past.

  We all agreed that Richard is a wonderful writer.  His language is superb.
   The cover of the novel illustrates the theme of home.  The 'Ragged Company' found their first home and their connection to Granite in the theatre.
  The lottery ticket reminds us that money does not solve the deep issues of life.
   The fingerprint on the bottom left is a reminder of the uniqueness of each individual.


 Home is really the truth that you carry with you.

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  1. I read Ragged Company because it was this year's OBOC selection but I was unable to attend any of the discussions. I appreciate your comments especially about the cover and all that was illustrated in it. Gayle Widmeyer