Thursday, 25 April 2013

One Book One Community

And every year, I try to get hints to figure out the book before it is announced.
This year, I have no idea!
The launch was expected to be on April 18th, but had to be postponed. 
I have great memories of past O.B.O.C. books and events.  The first choice of book and author cannot be beat!  Alistair MacLeod's "No Great Mischief" is a great book and he was delightful when he visited the area.  I read that book aloud at the nursing home where I volunteer.  We had a regular schedule of three readings a week and I played music as the residents arrived to create an inviting setting. There were about 10 people and many fell asleep as I read.  Others began coughing and I had to assess whether they needed help.  But I particularly enjoyed the experience because one man attending was the husband of my friend, Shirley.  When I first retired Shirley had ALS and asked me to read to her.  I spent many hours reading in person and on tape to fill her insatiable desire for books when she was unable to move any part of her body.  Her husband, now in the nursing home, was not alert as Shirley had been, but he looked forward to every reading.  However, just as we came to the last couple of readings, when the plot was coming to a climax, the nursing home was quarantined and I could not do the readings.  Unfortunately, when the quarantine was lifted, I was away on a trip.  No one in that group would have remembered the story after the passing of time. So it was never finished.  But what an experience!
Richard Wagamese

April 25, 2013.
 We were happy to be at the O.B.O.C. launch this morning at The Commons Restaurant, when the 2013 book was announced.
                   "Ragged Company" by Richard Wagamese.
I have read this book and did enjoy it.  But John and I enjoyed "Indian Horse" even more.
So we are really pleased that Richard Wagamese will be coming to the area in September.
We will be there- for sure!  In the meantime, we plan to read his two autobiographical books:
"One Native Life" and "One Story One song".                      

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